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There are lots of ways to make money in Overthrow. Including but not limited to:


Collecting legal items and selling it at Shops.

The most efficient way to make money this way is using Recruitment and the "Loot" command in Y menu with a recruit selected. Then simply..

  1. Drive to some shops
  2. While in a vehicle, press Y and "Take Legit"
  3. Walk into the store and sell the items
  4. Repeat

By parking next to a container/ammobox you can also use the Y menu to "Transfer Legit" which will grab only legal sellable items from the container into your vehicle.

New in v0.7.8.0

You can also drive up to any store and use the "Y" menu while sitting in the vehicle to buy/sell items directly from your car inventory


Main Article: Jobs

Jobs can be found by accessing the Y menu and choosing "Jobs" on the left. These are public for all players and can usually be done together, however the reward may only go to one player and distributed as they see fit.


Main Article: Salvaging

Various wrecks can be found around the place, by parking a vehicle close by and using a Toolkit in your backpack these can be salvaged into Steel and sometimes Plastic. Hold down your ACE Interact key (Windows key by default) and choose "Salvage". Then drive to a Hardware store (marked with a tools icon) and use the Y menu while in your vehicle and close enough.

Real Estate

Main Article: Real Estate

Buying houses for cheap when a town has low stability and selling them when stability is high and demand returns. You can also lease out owned buildings for rent.