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The stability of a town represents the level of tension and anti-establishment opinion within that town. Low numbers mean they are unhappy with their current controlling faction, while high numbers mean everything is a-ok.

You can check the current stability of a town by using the "Map Info" feature.

Changing Stability

Stability can be changed in a few ways

Lowering Stability

  • Killing Gendarmerie will drop stability
  • If the Resistance controls the closest Radio Tower, stability will go down passively if NATO controls the town
  • Doing jobs will drop stability if NATO controls the town
  • Putting up anti-NATO graffiti or Tagging will drop stability
  • Police officers being killed will drop stability
  • Gangs being present with no police will drop stability

Raising Stability

  • Killing Gangs will raise stability
  • If the Resistance controls the closest Radio Tower, stability will go up passively if resistance controls the town
  • Building a Police Station and hiring police will raise it (passively + if they kill gang members)
  • Doing jobs will raise stability if resistance controls the town


  • Pricing: Buy prices are lower in towns with high stability, while sell prices are higher in towns with low stability.
  • Gangs: Gangs will form and grow in size when stability is low
  • Capturing towns: NATO will abandon a town if stability drops to 0% and they are unable to restore order, passing administrative control to the resistance
  • Taxes: Resistance controlled towns with high stability will pay more in taxes

NATO-Controlled Towns

When NATO controls a town the map will show a yellow circle on towns with stability below 50%. Gangs and criminal activity can be expected to occur in those towns, and moreso if that town is very unstable.

Resistance-Controlled Towns

When a town is controlled by the resistance, below 50% stability and no Police Station is present, that town will be considered in "Anarchy" and shown with a red circle on the map and anarchy icon. Otherwise it will be shown with a green circle when above 50%.

See Also: Gangs, Capturing towns