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Overthrow can be played in Single Player (SP) or Multiplayer Co-Op (MP) modes, however we recommend hosting a LAN game for single player for a better experience throughout.

Single Player / Hosted multiplayer

  1. Subscribe to the mod in the Steam Workshop
  2. Make sure to also install the base requirements: ACE3 and CBA
  3. Start Arma 3
  4. Go to Multiplayer > Server Browser in the Arma main menu
  5. Click on "Host Server"
  6. Click the "Host Server" Button
  7. Choose a map, Overthrow is officially available on the Tanoa, Altis and Malden 2035 maps.
  8. Choose the Overthrow mission for that map on the right side
  9. Click play
  10. Click on the "Host" position and then "OK"
  11. You will see an Overthrow menu, click on "New Game" and then "Start Game"
  12. See Getting Started for some tips on how to start overthrowing

Dedicated Servers

Main Article: Dedicated Server Setup

Overthrow is optimized to run on a dedicated server and a good one will provide the best play experience. See The Arma 3 Wiki for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I play in Single Player anymore?

Single player has a lot of issues atm, mostly to do with respawning. We simply haven't had the time to look into it but plan to in the near future; after which Single Player mode will be reactivated.

Nothing happens after mission starts, no "New Game/Load Game" menu appears?

Another mod you have loaded is causing a problem, remove all of them apart from ACE, CBA and Overthrow then try again. You can re-enable mods one by one to find which one is the issue.

Known mod incompatabilities: