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Overthrow can only currently be played in Multiplayer Co-Op (MP) mode, however you can still play solo in that mode.

Single Player / Hosted multiplayer

  1. Subscribe to the mod in the Steam Workshop
  2. Make sure to also install the base requirements: ACE3 and CBA
  3. Start Arma 3
  4. Go to Multiplayer > Server Browser in the Arma main menu
  5. Click on "Host Server"
  6. Click the "Host Server" Button
  7. Choose a map, Overthrow is officially available on the Tanoa, Altis and Malden 2035 maps.
  8. Choose the Overthrow mission for that map on the right side
  9. Click play
  10. Click on the "Host" position and then "OK"
  11. You will see an Overthrow menu, click on "New Game" and then "Start Game", see here for the differences in Difficulty
  12. See Getting Started for some tips on how to start overthrowing


Required DLC

  • APEX - Some buildings and items from APEX are used by Overthrow, yes even on Altis, we apologize but you should grab it anyway, Overthrow is arguably best played on the Tanoa map
  • Helicopters - The Huron/Chinook is used by NATO

Recommended DLC

  • Jets - Hornets will spawn and NATO will use upgraded Radar + Towed AA, in future updates the carrier will also be used. But this DLC will remain as optional for the near future
  • Marksmen - The added items/weapons will be available to import
  • Karts - You can buy the karts at any vehicle dealer or procure them at bases & warehouses

Ignored DLC

  • Tanks - We think the tanks in this DLC are a bit OP, so they are not used in Overthrow
  • Laws Of War
  • Tac Ops


Required mods

  • ACE3 - This will improve your experience and Overthrow gameplay relies on it heavily, however if you know what you are doing, you are free to configure/remove ACE modules at your discretion. "Advanced Medical" is available as a mission parameter when you start the mission, but "Basic Medical" is currently a requirement
  • CBA - Required by ACE3 and most Arma mods tbqh

Recommended Mods

  • RHS - adds lots of stuff and more faction reps that will sell you RHS gear and vehicle blueprints (OPFOR and IND only)
  • JSRS Soundmod - a little better than the vanilla sounds
  • Enhanced Movement - works well with Overthrow now
  • TFAR - also works well now
  • Blastcore
  • ACE Compatability - make sure to load the ACE Compat mods for any other mods that you use (namely RHS and JSRS)

Supported Mods

  • Any vehicle mods that add civilian faction vehicles (they will spawn on the streets)
  • Any weapon mods (they will show up on criminals and possibly on gun dealers), including BLUFOR weapons (you can import them)
  • Any vehicle mods that add OPF and IND faction vehicles (you can unlock them via faction missions and produce them in the factory)
  • RHS does work! make sure to load the ACE Compatibility mods for RHS as well. Currently NATO will not use the USAF assets but will in a future update. OPFOR and IND factions however will have representatives you can buy RHS gear and vehicle blueprints from

Ignored Mods

  • Any mods that add BLUFOR vehicles currently will not be available or used by NATO, but this will change soon (this includes RHS USAF)

Save and Load

ARMA 3's save is disabled. Overthrow includes a persistent save option that will save your progress and everything you own no matter where it is on the map. Press 'Y' and go to 'Options' then 'Persistent save'. We recommend that you "restart" the mission and load this persistent save as opposed to loading an arma save, this will ensure that your map starts off fresh and gives you maximum performance for each play-session. There is also an option for Autosave (off by default) in the options. On a dedicated server the user must be a General to access these options.

Dedicated Servers

Main Article: Dedicated Server Setup

Overthrow is optimized to run on a dedicated server and a good one will provide the best play experience. See The Arma 3 Wiki for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I play in Single Player anymore?

Single player has a lot of issues atm, mostly to do with respawning. We simply haven't had the time to look into it but plan to in the near future; after which Single Player mode will be reactivated.

Nothing happens after mission starts, no "New Game/Load Game" menu appears?

Another mod you have loaded is causing a problem, remove all of them apart from ACE, CBA and Overthrow then try again. You can re-enable mods one by one to find which one is the issue. If you are using RHS, make sure to also load the ACE Compatibility mods for RHS as well.

How do I report a bug?

The best way is via the #bug-reports channel on our Discord server:

Something else is not working/I have a question not listed here

Come talk to us in the #support channel on our Discord server: