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We can't guarantee that all mods will automatically play nicely with Overthrow. For general troubleshooting, we recommend that you remove all mods not in the #Supported & Recommended Mods list, and then add one at a time until you find the source of the issue.

To report an issue with a mod or a request compatibility fix, please log it here

Required Mods

Dependencies required by the Overthrow Mod. If you install OT via steam, these will be added for you automatically.

Server-side Overthrow included mods

These are baked into Overthrow and thus are not required to be run client-side. In fact, running them client side as well will probably break things.

Supported & Recommended Mods

If it's not listed here, it's not officially supported (yet)!

Currently incompatible mods

  • ACRE2 (being investigated)
  • TaskForceRadio (being investigated)
  • STHUD/STUI (partial functioning only, suggest you use DUI instead)