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In Overthrow you don't need to run around grabbing gear from the 120 dudes you just killed. There are automated ways to do it..

AI Looting

  1. Recruit an AI civilian in a town or at a Refugee Camp
  2. Put them in your vehicle and drive/fast travel to a place where there are bodies
  3. Select them with your F1-F10 key corresponding to their number in your squad panel (default bottom left)
  4. Select "Disembark" with your scroll-wheel and middle mouse-button
  5. Once they have disembarked, select them again with F1-F10 and hit 'Y'
  6. Select "Loot"

The civilian will then empty his own inventory into the car and proceed to each body within 100m to grab their stuff and return it to the car. When the car is full they will stop. You can then take the items to an Ammobox or Warehouse to use the "transfer to" or "store all" commands in the Y menu to dump them in.

This will also clear the body from your game, avoiding that pesky "There are a buttload of bodies fyi" notification.

Pro Tip: Trucks and ammoboxes can be overfilled an unlimited amount using the Loot and Transfer To/From commands. Box Trucks are the perfect inconspicuous looting vehicles

Known Issues

Arma's AI system can get a little confused at times, and the recruit will stop looting for no apparent reason. It's safe to tell him to move back to your vehicle and restart the command again. However, some bodies might prove difficult (when they are up stairs/ladders or floating in the air for example). We are doing what we can to address these issues.

KamAZ Recovery

(Coming in v0.7.7.3)

The KamAZ Recovery truck (aka the Field Assistance and Recovery Truck) can be purchased from the procurement menu of a controlled Base or at a Warehouse. It is a much faster option however with that comes expense and risk.

  1. Drive your FART to where there are bodies
  2. Press 'Y' while sitting in the driver's seat
  3. Select "Loot"

And 15 seconds later all bodies and gear within a 150m radius will be absorbed into the cargohold of the truck.

Pro Tip: The KamAZ recovery truck is also a Repair Truck, with a Toolbox in your possession and with the truck close enough, you can choose the "Full Repair" option using the ACE interact key and completely restore a vehicle to working order, wheels included

You can also do it using an AI recruit:

  1. Get your recruit in as the driver of the truck
  2. Tell them to drive to where the bodies are
  3. Select them with F1-F10
  4. Hit 'Y' and 'Loot'

The AI will issue the command same as you, and 15 seconds later will confirm that they are "All Done!" and you can move them to the next location to repeat.

Same as above, this will also remove the bodies from your game.

Pro Tip: The KamAZ recovery truck is NOT a civilian class vehicle, NATO will attack it with everything they have. Keep these trucks safe until the coast is clear