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There is no set way to play Overthrow, everything can be done multiple ways and you will not be given instructions at every turn. This can of course be quite daunting at first so here are some basic tips to give you some ideas.

The Y Menu

Most actions in Overthrow can be done by pressing the "Y" key on your keyboard. This menu is context-sensitive and will change depending on if you are:

  • In a vehicle
  • Have recruits selected
  • Are near certain buildings
  • And more


NATO is currently occupying the nation and is in a heightened state after an assassination of a local grass-roots political figure just last night. Tensions are high as the public begins to question when the occupation of NATO forces will end and a local government is voted into power. Gendarmerie forces are stationed in towns to try and keep the peace but random gunfire has broken out in some smaller towns. Therefore if any illegal activity or weapons are spotted by NATO they have orders to use maximum force. Be extremely careful to not brandish weapons around them or commit illegal acts unless you are prepared to fight.

Do the tutorial

Basic ideas will be shown to you via the tutorial. Just choose "YES" when you start a game.

Being seen and wanted


In the top right of your screen underneath your current money there will show a blue pair of eyes when NATO can currently see you, be careful what you do when that is showing. If they see something they don't like you will get a "WANTED" text appear underneath signifying it's time to run, hide or fight. You will not receive a warning, NATO will shoot first and never bother to ask questions.

Some examples of illegal activities:

  • openly carrying a weapon
  • wearing NV goggles
  • entering restricted areas (shown on your map)
  • wearing Gendarmerie gear (vest, hat)


Main Article: Real Estate


Your home is where you respawn and contains a basic set of items to you get you started. It is chosen randomly at game start from a number of small towns and contains a Map, Ammobox, Safe, and Crafting Table. Other houses can be purchased in every town and your home switched to any of those. Stand in the building you wish to purchase / change to your home and access the Y menu.


Main Article: Stability

Each town in Overthrow has a current stability in percentage between 0 and 100%. NATO will abandon a town if the stability reaches zero, and larger towns may draw a QRF in response. Towns controlled by the resistance will generate taxes that are distributed evenly between all players online. Stability will go down if NATO Gendarmerie are killed there, and go up if criminals are killed there. You can also use paint to do graffiti to drop stability. Towns with low stability controlled by NATO are marked with a yellow circle.

Looting and Selling


Gendarmerie and criminals will often be found fighting in unstable towns. Look on the map for yellow circles or listen for gunshots and explosions. Equipment can be collected after them by going up to a body and accessing the inventory with the scroll-wheel or pressing "I". Looting bodies is illegal so be careful not to be seen. Legal items can then be sold at shops. Not all shops will take all items, there are 6 types of shops:

  • General Store: Marked with a ($) icon, these stores buy and sell the most common items (Bandages, Radios, Maps, Watches, Compasses, Paint etc)
  • Pharmacy: Marked with a medical (+) icon, buys and sells all medical items (Bandages, Morphine, Epinephrine, Blood etc)
  • Electronics: Marked with a smartphone icon, buys and sells electronic items (GPS, Radios, Watches etc)
  • Clothing: Marked with a shirt icon, only sells clothing. Does not buy.
  • Army Surplus: Marked with a backpack icon, only sells backpacks and other army surplus items. Does not buy.
  • Hardware: Marked with a tools icon. Cannot be entered, you pull up to these stores with a car and use the Y menu when close enough. Buys and sells Steel, Wood and Plastic such as that attained by Salvaging

For all but the hardware store, you enter the store and find the storekeeper, then hold down your ACE interact key (Windows key by default), go to "Interaction" and choose "Talk" in order to buy and sell. While sitting in a car you can use the Y menu and "Take Legit" to automatically take all legal sellable items from the car's inventory.

For more ways to make money, see Making Money