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Location of Altis

Altis, the main island of the Republic of Altis and Stratis, is located in the Mediterranean Sea to the east of Malta. As of 2040, Altis is currently under occupation by NATO forces following a brutal civil war a half decade prior, and the nation is still recovering. NATO originally occupied the country under the promise of a complete withdrawal of forces and return to local democratic rule; despite this, NATO soldiers still occupy the island's military installations. The economy continues to stagnate and citizens are becoming increasingly angry at the lack of local autonomy.

Last night during a large protest in the capital city of Pyrgos a prominent anti-NATO speaker was assassinated. NATO responded to the incident with a strict curfew and their Gendarmerie has set security and readiness alert levels to the highest since the Civil War. Gunshots can be heard across the island and as tensions continue to rise, many fear a return to the all-out conflict of the Civil War.