Dev Blog #1: Easter Edition

Well, what do we have here? Another blog about coding a video ga- er I mean mod for a video game.


Why Not?

These days my ramblings can get lost in the Discord channel amongst bug complaints and questions about “what those briefcases mean” so I thought I’d take valuable time away from both coding and expanding the wiki to ramble here instead! But no, seriously, these posts will be a way for me to put forward the future vision for Overthrow and get you guys involved in the process as well, via either the comments/forums here or the Discord channel.

What the version numbers actually mean

Each “major” version number (right now 0.7) represents a general focus towards a particular broad area. In the current case that would be the mid-game. The next number tightens that focus even moreso, with our current iteration (0.7.3) being the mid-game economy. With that in mind you are already seeing improvements to the mid-game economy which provide a nice juicy target for the resistance to work towards, seizing the means of production within Tanoa. For the remainder of 0.7.3 there will be smaller adjustments and bugfixes to the production systems as well as “Quality Of Life” improvements for all systems, so please if you have any ideas for things that will make your life easier, hit us in the comments or on Discord.


The next iteration will begin when the focus switches away from economy. The next focus will be on mid-game combat. Right now you need to be at a barracks to hire new squads, but 0.7.4 will introduce a new type of building “HQ” that you can place at an objective and allow you to use all your barracks from anywhere as long as you have a radio. To counter this NATO will also receive an upgrade to their High Command AI (ie what drives their decisions) which I’ll talk about in future blog posts, but suffice to say they will begin to fight back against high-value resistance targets no matter where they may be hiding, as long as they can find them first.

0.8 and beyond

The mid-game focus will end when we feel it’s mature enough to move on to the next focus in 0.8 and beyond. The end game! I won’t say too much without spoiling, but I will say that the whole design/dev team is pretty excited about the carrier in the coming Jets DLC and it couldn’t have come at a better time for us 😉

Till next time..

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