v0.7.3.1 Patch Notes

  • New: Gun dealers will now provide missions to any players
  • New: Faction representatives now appear on map for all detected OPFOR and IND factions
  • New: Faction reps provide missions to any players, increasing standing to that faction
  • New: Faction reps sell blueprints of their vehicles, unlocked by standing
  • Tweaked: Tutorial now flows into mission system
  • Fixed: Respawn now works in Single Player
  • Fixed: Bug where enemy AI would not see or fire upon a player
  • Fixed: Various other bugs

v0.7.3.0 patch notes

  • New: Assign players as “Generals” in Multiplayer
  • New: Separate resistance funds account in Multiplayer
  • New: Generals can send resistance funds to players even when offline
  • New: Tax player income into resistance funds (Default 0%)
  • New: Economic objectives around Tanoa can be bought with resistance funds by Generals
  • New: Factory can be bought with resistance funds by Generals
  • New: Ability to remove placed/built items
  • New: Lots of smaller features
  • Tweaked: Criminals in towns are now much weaker
  • Tweaked: Unarmed Chinook now available via procurement at airfields to transport cargo containers
  • Fixed: Countless bugs
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